DNR review process for proposed county tax-forfeited land sales

The DNR review process for proposed county tax-forfeited land sales begins with the receipt of the county's tax-forfeited land sale review packet. Submit these packets to the Division of Lands and Minerals (LAM) Regional Operations Supervisor located in one of four regions. Please see the Division of Lands & Minerals Regional Operations page for a map and list of these DNR regions and the supervisor for each.

The LAM Regional Supervisor distributes the review packet to the regional and local DNR resource managers. Once the reviews have been returned, the LAM Regional Operations Supervisor compiles the results. The county will receive a letter informing them of the results of the review. The DNR is committed to responding to the county within sixty days of the receipt of the complete review packet.

For more information about this review process, contact the Regional Operations Supervisor in your region of the state.


County review process

The sale process may vary by county. For information for a specific county, contact the county auditor or county land department. Find your county auditor on the county Website: Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) Website . You also may check the government pages in your local phone book or call the AMC at 651-224-3344.