County tax-forfeited land sale review packet

Parcels requiring DNR review:

To determine whether or not a parcel will require DNR review, the County may refer to the summary of statutory authority granted to DNR for the review of proposed land sales

If the County has made the determination that a review is required, the DNR requests that the County email or mail the review packet with the following information:

  1. A cover letter from the County outlining the review request.
  2. A list (spreadsheet is preferred) of each tax-forfeited parcel being submitted for review, including the following for each parcel: the county parcel ID number, acreage, and complete legal description (including lot, block, and subdivision name (if a platted lot); and the government lot number/quarter-quarter, and section, township, range).
  3. If a parcel is located on public water, identify the length of waterfront footage (see map examples).
  4. Plat/subdivision map (if applicable) and aerial map identifying the location of each parcel. Provide shape files if available.
  5. Classification of each tax-forfeit parcel (conservation or non-conservation).
  6. Any additional information that the county may have available relating to the review parcels.

Please send the completed tax-forfeited land sale review packet by email or mail to the Lands and Minerals Regional Operations Supervisor in your area.

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