Recent Subsidence

Eveleth Subsidence 4/10/09

On April 10, 2009, the Underground Mine Mapping Team was contacted by the Eveleth Public Works Director to expedite the underground mine mapping in the City of Eveleth. An area 12 feet in diameter and 9 feet deep had opened up near Adams Avenue and Cleveland Street. The photos show the area after it was filled with sand. The problem area was identified at the Aad mine that operated from 1904-1928. Two maps were found with the help of Eveleth Fee Office: a 1924 map at DNR Lands and Minerals, and a 1954 composite map at the Eveleth Fee Office.




The mine west of the current subsidence area was open pit prior to 1919. There are 2 levels of exploration drifts, an upper and a lower. The lower level is about 95 feet deep and the upper about 64 feet deep. The vertical features are raises that extend 20- 25 feet above the drifts, see the 3D animation. The drifts to the east of the current subsidence were developed in 1917, and were probably accessed from the open pit wall. The open pit was backfilled in 1919.

Aad Mine Maps (2 pages, 551 kb)

Animated 3D model of collapse area

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