Leech Lake management

Combining fisheries science with extensive public input produced a management plan that aims to sustain Leech Lake as one of Minnesota's top fishing destinations.

The plan outlines fisheries management objectives scheduled from 2016 through 2020 on Minnesota's third-largest lake. Leech Lake's 112,000 acres offer year-round angling opportunities for walleye, muskellunge, northern pike, yellow perch and largemouth bass.

Management strategies detailed in the plan include habitat protection, stocking and continued support for cormorant control. The plan provides a framework for the DNR's management approach to sport fish species and habitat during the next five years.

A Leech Lake Advisory Committee representing local and statewide interests in Leech Lake management activities provided input and guidance while the plan was developed. The committee met regularly to discuss sport fish management objectives, how those objectives might be achieved and their potential impacts on the Walker area's tourism and resort economy.

Each February, DNR staff will share current data and information with that committee and other interested stakeholders as part of the DNR's management efforts.