Mille Lacs Lake

Mille Lacs lake

A central Minnesota gem

This 132,516 acre-lake covers 207 square miles and is Minnesota's second-largest inland lake. Located just an 1½ to 2 hours from the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, Mille Lacs provides a quick opening for a fun weekend getaway.

Mille Lacs Lake is best known for its phenomenal walleye catch rates but also offers several other trophy fishing opportunities. During the winter, venture out on the lake for a fast-paced walleye bite, catch a few tullibee or fish for some trophy northern pike. During the summer, you may hook into a trophy smallmouth bass, muskellunge or northern pike.


Management plan meeting & comments

People splashing in the water on a beach at Mille Lacs Lake.The DNR's five-year management plan for Mille Lacs Lake is available. Find out how the plan synthesizes ecological, economic, political and sociocultural information to manage Minnesota's second-largest lake.

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Mille Lacs Lake's citizen advisory committee

Close-up of Mille Lacs Lake area on a road mapLearn about and follow the activities of the Mille Lacs Lake fisheries advisory committee, a group of citizens that advises the DNR on issues that are relevant to the state’s management of Mille Lacs Lake.

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Angler with a walleye.Mille Lacs Lake has special fishing regulations that are unique to the lake. These regulations change for the winter season, which begins Dec. 1, and the open water season, which begins in May.

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Report a tagged fish

Tags sticking out of near the top fin of a fish.You might catch a fish with one or more tags sticking out near the fin on its back. If you do, help us keep track of the fish we've tagged.

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A dock on Mille Lacs Lake a sunsetMille Lacs Lake and its surrounding communities offer visitors fish and a whole lot more.

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Court decisions & legal information

A walleye with tags in place.A list of official court documents that stipulate the exercise of Ojibwe treaty rights in the 1837 ceeded terriorty of Minnesota.

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Mille Lacs committee documents

A dock on Mille Lacs Lake a sunsetThe following documents are available from meetings of the 1837 ceded territory's fisheries technical committee:

Agendas: Jan. 2020 • Oct. 2019 • July 2019 • Nov. 2017 • Aug. 2017

Minutes: Jan. 2020 • Oct. 2019 • July 2019 • Jan. 2019 • Oct. 2018 • Aug. 2018 • Nov. 2017  • Aug. 2017