Historical Airphoto Information

The historic air photos of Minnesota available from this site are contributions from a wide array of data partners including:

Thanks to those individuals who have contributed to this effort.

Scan specifications

  • Resolution ranges from 600 to 1200 DPI
  • JPEG format.
  • Black and White or Color is OK
  • 256 Shades of grey or full color imagery
  • Birds Eye or Obliques
  • Image names follow the form: project_roll_image.jpg   aitk_1_1.jpg - aitkin county, roll one, image one.

DNR has the capacity to add additional imagery to this collection and can adjust to most situations. We do require shapefile point indexes that indicate the center of each photo for images to be posted on this site. Required shapefile attributes are:

  • Filename - 64 character string to store the path to the image filename
  • Provider - 24 character string to store the organization providing the images
  • Project - 16 character string which references the project abbreviation on the image
  • Year - 4 digit long that stores the year of imagery collection
  • Photo_id - the photo ID as shown on the Photo, for example, aitk_1_1
  • Ext - 4 character string that stores the file extension without the period.
  • XUTM - 8 digit Long representing the X UTM Coordinate of the photo center
  • YUTM - 8 digit Long representing the Y UTM Coordinate of the photo center
  • Status - 1 digit short to represent that the photo has been scanned, 0 - no or 1- yes
  • Photo_Date - the date of the image

View historic air photos through the Air Photos Online tool, part of Landview

If you are interested in contributing data or are interested in funding additional scanning and referencing please contact:

Hal Watson
GIS Section Manager
[email protected]

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