Apply for the Mille Lacs advisory committee

This stakeholder group advises the DNR on the fisheries management program for Mille Lacs Lake. Members include representatives of area resorts, guides and other businesses; property owners; county officials; representatives of DNR’s work groups that focus on walleye, bass, and northern pike and muskellunge; and other members of the public.

The DNR supports the committee by supplying information that is used to help manage the Mille Lacs fisheries including standard fish population assessments, creel harvest surveys, status of invasive species or other available information requested by the committee.

View the committee charter for additional details.

Committee information

Functions and scope
  • Represent the breadth of interests around Mille Lacs fisheries.
  • Learn about and contribute to a shared understanding of biological, social, and economic aspects of the fishery.
  • Identify and communicate to DNR staff significant stakeholder issues related to the state’s management of the fisheries of Mille Lacs Lake.
  • Facilitate dialogue between the public and the DNR regarding important issues.
  • Provide input to advise DNR on potential approaches to respond to issues.
  • Provide advice on the most effective and acceptable regulations for the state’s Mille Lacs fisheries.
Intended outcomes
  • Effective and well-supported advice to address identified fisheries management issues.
  • Shared understanding among committee members, the DNR, and the broader public of issues and potential solutions, through the following:
    • Full and open dialogue on fisheries management and related issues.
    • Collaborative relationships between the committee members and DNR staff.
    • Clear articulation of concerns, issues, or factors potentially affecting the fisheries.
    • Clear and fair dialogue process among committee members.
    • Effective administration and support of the advisory committee.

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