GIS Technical Specification Documents

DNR GIS staff are sometimes asked to provide information on our spatial data technical infrastructure. Below are links to documents of general interest:

GIS Conceptual System Design

A conceptual overview of DNR general data storage and access environment

The GIS Data Dictionary

A detailed discussion of the Oracle Database that DNR staff use to manage their GIS Data environment

Data Resource Site Specification

A description of DNR spatial data standards that support fileserver-based data storage.

Update DRS Application Administration Guide

A technical specification for DNR’s system level application that replicates fileserver-based data to data centers around the state.

Public Land Survey Geocoding Standards

A technical specification for PLS Geocoding standards within the DNR to support new data development and for data file interchange projects. Original Document 4/31/1993, Updated 9/13/2002.

Unrectified Image Storage Standards

A technical specification for storing unrectified digital images (air photos and hardcopy maps). Original Document 7/17/03.


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