Blaze clothing requirements

Examples of blaze orange and pink
Blaze orange and blaze pink color swatches

Hunter safety is a top priority. Blaze clothing has been found to be one factor that has helped make hunting one of the safest outdoor activities.

  • All hunters and trappers in the field during the open firearms/muzzleloader deer seasons must display blaze orange or blaze pink on the visible portion of the person's cap and outer clothing above the waist, excluding sleeves and gloves.
  • When no firearms/muzzleloader deer season is open, a person may not take small game unless the visible portion of at least one article of clothing above the waist is blaze orange or blaze pink. See exceptions noted below.
  • Blaze orange or blaze pink camouflage patterns are allowed and must be at least 50 percent blaze orange or pink within each square foot.

Exceptions during a firearms/muzzleloader deer season

  • Area open only to archery hunting (no firearms hunting allowed)
  • Hunting migratory waterfowl while on the water or in a stationary location
  • Trapping while on the water

Exceptions when no firearms/muzzleloader deer season is open

  • Taking small game while archery deer hunting in a stationary location
  • Hunting turkey
  • Hunting migratory birds
  • Hunting raccoons and predators (coyote, fox, bobcat)
  • Trapping furbearers
  • Hunting small game by falconry
  • Hunting bear

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