Legal big game cartridges

  • It is at least .220 caliber and has center fire ignition;
  • It is loaded only with single projectile ammunition;
  • The projectile used has a soft point or is an expanding bullet type;*
  • The muzzleloader (long gun or handgun) used cannot be loaded at the breech (muzzleloading revolvers are not legal for taking big game);
  • The smooth-bore muzzleloader used is at least .45 caliber and
  • The rifled muzzleloader used is at least .40 caliber;
  • Muzzleloaders with scopes are legal during the regular firearms deer season and the muzzleloader season.

* Note: Hunters are reminded to select bullets that are suitable for taking big game. Most major manufacturers offer either bonded or all-copper bullets that are appropriate for taking big game. Hunters are advised to select a proper bullet design and weight that is suitable for humanely taking big game.

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