Constraints and Considerations

Legal constraints and considerations can affect your project. There may be regional, state, county or local laws, regulations, ordinances, or policies that you need to include in your planning. Begin by checking with the local zoning administrator who can tell you about permits that may be needed for shoreline alterations as well as provide information on the lake's shoreland classification and zoning requirements. From there, contact DNR Fisheries and Waters Offices located in your area. They often share a common office.

The DNR Lake Finder is another valuable source for specific information about your lake.

illustration showing ordinary high water level

Minnesota property owners will want to research the following with the local DNR Fisheries and Waters staff:

DNR Regulations:

DNR Lake Designations:

  • Recreational development
  • Natural environment
  • General development

You should also be aware of:

  • Public water or wetland designations on property
  • Local building ordinances
  • Normal lake level fluctuations

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