Report zebra or quagga mussel sightings

How to report first-time sightings of zebra or quagga mussels from lakes or rivers

If you suspect you have spotted zebra or quagga mussels (described below) in a water body where no one that you know of has observed them previously, please report your sighting on the EDDMapS site, or fill out and submit the form below.

Zebra and quagga mussels can be identified by their clam-like D-shaped shells. Zebra mussel shells have alternating dark and light stripes, while quagga mussel shells have a more solid brown-to-yellow pattern. Both mussels commonly attach themselves with thread-like structures to solid surfaces such as rocks, logs, docks, and boat trailers in lakes and rivers.   

Please provide the exact location of your sighting by giving a detailed description or geographic coordinates; for example, a "dropped pin" of your location on a cell phone map will display coordinates. If possible, upload close-up, clearly focused photos of the suspected mussels on the EDDMapS site or the form below using the provided link. You can also report your sighting by contacting the DNR at 651-259-5100 or emailing contact, location and sighting information along with attached photos to Don Eaton. If you have other invasive species to report, please visit the How do I report an invasive species webpage.

line drawing of a zebra mussel showing the striped pattern

Zebra mussels have a shows a striped pattern and byssal threads used for attachment to solid objects.

showing the differenc between a larger quagga mussel and smaller zebra mussel.

Typical coloration of a quagga mussel on the left and a zebra mussel on the right. Both mussels can reach up to 2 inches long but are usually less than 1 inch.

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