Volunteer Report Form

Instructions: Following your zebra mussel monitoring activities, complete this form and submit it by November 1st each year, whether or not you find zebra mussels. Reporting the absence of zebra mussels is just as important as finding new infestations. If you suspect zebra mussels in a lake or previously uninfested section of river, immediately contact the MN DNR at (651) 259-5100. Preserve a few zebra mussels in rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol and mail them to:

Gary Montz, Zebra Mussel Coordinator Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Division of Ecological Resources, Box 25 500 Lafayette Road St. Paul, MN 55155-4025



City: State: ZIP:

Telephone (include area code):


Name of lake/river monitored:

County of lake/river monitored:

Nearest town:

Date monitored:

Check each item you examined for zebra mussels:

Watercraft    Swimming platform    Dock

Shoreline    feet of shoreline:

Other sampler    type of sampler:

Did you find any zebra mussels? No (your form is complete, please submit)    Yes (please continue)

Approximate number of zebra mussels found: 1-10    11-50    over 50

Depth of water where zebra mussels found (in feet): under 1    1-5    5-15    over 15

Average length of zebra mussels found (in inches): small (1/4-3/4")    mixed sizes    large (1-2")

Were samples collected and sent to MN DNR? Yes    No

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