Sugar Lake: Site/Biome Description

"High Intensity Planting"

aerial view of Sugar Lake high intensity planting site

The Sugar Lake site demonstrates the use of small live plants, or plugs, as the primary planting choice. Plugs yield quick results and make it easier to distinguish between a desired plant and an undesirable plant.

Sugar Lake, also known as Siseebakwet, is located near Grand Rapids in northern Minnesota.

Biome: Coniferous Forest

map of biomes statewide and location of Sugar Lake high intensity planting site

Sugar Lake is in the coniferous forest biome where temperatures are cooler, precipitation is higher, and soils tend to be shallower, rockier, and more acidic.

Evergreen trees that bear cones, such as pines, spruce, and fir are common in this biome. Aspen, birch, and other deciduous species commonly mingle with the conifers.

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