Lake Minne Belle: Site/Biome Description


aerial view of Lake Minne Belle seeding site

The Lake Minnie Belle site demonstrates the seeding approach as the primary planting choice.

Seeding takes additional patience waiting for the transition to take place. However, the cost savings are substantial and the labor required for planting is greatly reduced.

Lake Minnie Belle is near the town of Litchfield in Meeker County in south central Minnesota.

headphone icon, Gene Jeseritz closeup Project Manager, Gene Jeseritz, talks about goals.


Biome: Prairie Grasslands


map of biomes statewide and location of Lake Minne Belle seeding site


Lake Minnie Belle is located on the eastern most edge of the prairie grasslands biome. This ecological region is characterized by low rainfall, high summer temperatures, and rich soils.

Wildflowers and prairie grasses cover native remnants of flat or rolling prairie.

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