Gervais Lake: Site/Biome Description

"An Established Planting"

aerial view of Gervais Lake, an established planting site

The Gervais Lake project illustrates a good, all around, example of a planting restoration. Established in 1998, it offers a perspective on how a project changes over time. As you browse through this project, you will get an idea of what to expect for the first few years of your own project.

Gervais Lake is in Little Canada, Minnesota, located just north of St. Paul in Ramsey County.

Biome: Deciduous Forest

map of biomes statewide and location of Gervais Lake, an established planting site

Gervais Lake is in the deciduous forest biome that lies between the prairie and the coniferous forest biomes. It extends diagonally across the state in a narrow band from the southeast to northwest corners.

A broad range of temperatures and precipitation in this biome makes this a highly variable region. Trees such as sugar maples, basswood, oaks, ash and aspen dominate this biome.

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