Creating a Base Map

You're ready to move on from talking about lakes in the abstract to talking about your own lake. We'll begin by selecting tools for your Project Folder.

One of the most important steps in the entire process is the creation of the Base Map. In effect, it sets the physical parameters - and you will be referring to the Base Map throughout the project.

base map illustration of existing lake lot conditions

Base Map

  • Physical record
  • Baseline reference for project
  • For your Base Map, begin with a site sketch which is later refined into a "to scale" map:

Site Sketch

This is a rough drawing of your lakeshore area including existing site conditions, measurements, and other information. If you have house plans or plat maps on file, use these as a base to create a site sketch.

Scale Map

Transfer the information from your site sketch to a "to scale" base map of the site. Use a convenient scale (e.g., 1"= 10')

TIP: The more accurate your initial field measurements are, the more accurate your map will be, and the easier it will be for planning.

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