Measure and Locate

measure and locate form

Measure and Locate is a blank graph you can use for gathering information about your site. Select the Measure and Locate Form  so that you can print it and include it in your Project Folder.

Place the following items on your Measure and Locate graph:

  • House and outbuildings
  • Patio/deck
  • Property lines
  • Shoreline
  • Existing beach/access area/dock

Identify and Locate:

  • Water level history - ordinary high water (OHW) and record high/low water lines
  • Shoreline zones (aquatic, transitional, and upland)
  • Soil type (sand, clay, loam) in aquatic, transitional, and upland zones
  • Soil moisture (areas excessively wet or excessively dry)
  • Existing vegetation (trees, shrubs, grasses, wildflowers, invasive species)
  • Exposure: sunny and shady areas
  • Potential buffer setback (25' from shore)
  • Slopes, drainage patterns, eroding areas

NOTE: Also map other natural or semi-natural areas that abut your property - these are "connecting" areas.