Quietest state park getaways

Three photos of peaceful scenery at Minnesota State Parks and Trails.

Your next peaceful trip awaits


If you’re searching for some peace and quiet or a serene spot for a romantic vacation, consider visiting a more private park. We’ve gathered a list of our favorite hidden gems you can enjoy when you’re looking for a quiet getaway.

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Our favorite hidden gems:

Quiet is the essence of this park, often colored with wildflowers.

One of Minnesota state parks, you can see Canada across the river!

Virtually undeveloped and remote, with a quiet beach.

Excellent wilderness hiking and backpacking.

The only visitors may be you and the wildlife.

You'll find scenic views of the Mississippi River Valley.

Don't miss the view of the river valley from Dinosaur Ridge Overlook.

Over 356 miles from the Twin Cities, you can't get much farther!

Right in the Twin Cities, a quiet SRA with great trails.

This park epitomizes the theme of quiet places.

A quiet campground perfect for a peaceful fishing, birding, or hiking trip.

This understated park hosts beautiful historical and ecological attractions.


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