Adrenaline Rush: Climb, Whitewater, Scuba Dive

Adrenaline rush activities, rock climbing and whitewater paddling

Get your heart racing in Minnesota this summer!


There are plenty of ways to get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping in Minnesota. Dive deep, climb high, or shoot the rapids...there are exhilarating adventures to be had out there!

Make a weekend of it! Rent a campsite or cabin and get the full experience.

Purchase a vehicle permit today and get a year of unlimited visits to all of Minnesota's state parks and recreation areas.

Rock Climbing

Looking for new places to use your climbing skills? These parks have excellent climbing opportunities. You will need a climbing permit, and they are free and can be obtained at the park office.

Climbing map
Various spots offer excellent climbing opportunities—you can see for miles.

Climbing map
Sheer sandstone cliffs rise 40 feet above the Kettle River, providing opportunities for bouldering.

Climbing map
Beautiful climbs cover a wide variety of levels for both traditional and top roping.

Climbing map
Not for beginners, these challenging climbs are and safer to experience with a partner—so grab a friend!

Climbing map
There is no easy way to get out...except for up!

Whitewater Paddling

New to whitewater paddling and want to learn the basics? Sign up for an I Can Paddle! program and learn how to have fun while safely navigating Minnesota's waterways. Free rentals provided!

 and the Kettle River State Water Trail
Check out the turbulent rapids at Blueberry Slide and Hell's Gate.

 and the St. Louis River State Water Trail
Enjoy the exhilaration and thrill of nature's powerful forces on the St. Louis River north of Jay Cooke State Park.

Easy rapids and falls ranging from Class I-IV along Snake River. 

Vermilion River offers whitewater experiences for beginners through experts.

Scuba Diving

Although many of these dives are beginner friendly, make sure you undergo the necessary training before attempting to dive in any location.

Portsmouth Mine Pit is 352 feet deep and very clear. This site is great for all levels - beginners to advanced.

Dive down to see debris remaining from the logging era of the early 1900s.

 on the Lake Superior State Water Trail
See a sunken wreck from 1905!

Most people know how lovely this park is above water, but its underwater beauty is definitely worth exploring.


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