Find a waterfall

Waterfalls at Grand Portage State Park

Minnesota's best waterfalls


Watching water cascade over rocks and feeling the mist on your face feels magical in any season. Waterfalls are scattered all across the state and the north shore, and all are well worth the trip.

Here's a weekend itinerary to get you started on a North Shore waterfall viewing trip.

Hike down the Wold Creek Trail to take in Wolf Creek Falls.

Keep your camera handy -- the waterfalls just keep cascading here.

Waterfalls cascade down a wilderness canyon.

A crowd favorite, an accessible walkway leads to these breathtaking falls.

Minnesota's highest waterfalls - 120 feet!

Follow the Brule River as it vanishes into Devil's Kettle.

Two waterfalls! Walk the trail encircling the falls, down to the valley below.

See if you can find the hidden falls--you'll be glad you did.

The trail to Hidden Falls has some great rock formations.

Four spectacular falls can be seen throughout the park.


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