Winter wildlife in Minnesota state parks

Birding in winter

Minnesota winters provide a stunning backdrop to any wildlife viewing.


Stop by a Minnesota state park for some great programs on winter birding and how to identify animal tracks in the snow. Check out the snow conditions before you go.

November/December - Visit the Weaver Bottoms along the Mississippi River and watch thousands of migrating tundra swans en route to North Carolina and Virginia. From there, head south to Whitewater State Park to check for wintering bald eagles.

January/February - Try reading mammal tracks in the snow. You might find tracks for white-tailed deer, red fox, or coyotes. Open water along rivers provides habitat for Canada geese, trumpeter swans, and bald eagles.

Helpful tips

Red squirrel track

  • Bring binoculars
  • Go out at dawn and dusk for the best viewing
  • Be alert and move slowly and quietly
  • Search for tracks in the mud or snow
  • Look near the edges of forests and fields, pond margins and treetops
  • Try these wildlife and nature viewing tips

Want some more tips? Check out our nature viewing guide.

Events calendar

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06/24/24Nature TotsInterstate State Park
06/29/24Kids' Activity: Wildlife BINGO Father Hennepin State Park
06/30/24Kids' Activity: Wildlife BINGO Mille Lacs Kathio State Park
07/01/24Nature TotsInterstate State Park
07/03/24What's in the waterFort Snelling State Park
07/06/24Ecosystem Exploration; Guided HikeSavanna Portage State Park
07/06/24Down to the riverFort Snelling State Park
07/06/24On the Trail: Animal Scavenger Hunt Interstate State Park
07/07/24Bob's Stairs Guided Summer Nature HikeSplit Rock Lighthouse State Park
07/08/24Nature TotsInterstate State Park
07/13/24Skin and BonesSibley State Park
07/15/24Nature TotsInterstate State Park
07/20/24Scats and TracksSibley State Park
07/21/24Skin and BonesSibley State Park
07/22/24Nature TotsInterstate State Park
07/29/24Nature TotsInterstate State Park
08/05/24Nature TotsInterstate State Park
08/11/24Skin and BonesSibley State Park
08/12/24Nature TotsInterstate State Park
08/18/24Scats and TracksSibley State Park
08/19/24Nature TotsInterstate State Park

Please note: Occasionally, due to extreme weather or poor snow conditions, an event may need to be canceled or changed. When in doubt, call the park.

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