Shallow lakes program work

The DNR's shallow lakes management plan guides the work of wildlife lake specialists, who:

  • Provide technical support to field managers
  • Recommend policy considerations to DNR fish and wildlife division leadership
  • Represent the division on lake management issues involving the public and other agencies

What we're doing

Find out what we're doing - and what you can do - to help Minnesota's troubled waters.

Our work includes:

  • Conducting habitat evaluations on lakes across the state annually
  • Guiding the formal designation of wildlife management lakes, waterfowl feeding and resting areas, refuges and sanctuaries
  • Identifying lake management problems
  • Recommending lake management strategies and developing management plans
  • Assisting citizen participation
  • Developing and maintaining GIS and database products of current and historical information and distributing them to relevant parties

Management plans

Plans open for comment

A PDF file will download

  • Boot Lake (Jackson): Plan
  • Silver Lake (Waseca): Plan
  • Thief Lake (Marshall): Plan

Plans in place

A PDF file will download

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