Nontoxic ammunition

What is nontoxic ammunition?

  • Bullets, slugs, muzzleloader ammunition and other single projectiles made entirely of nontoxic material approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Copper-plated, nickel plated, zinc-plated steel shot and other projectiles made from a nontoxic material approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Required for hunting with shotguns in federal WPAs and refuges

In addition to waterfowl hunting, small game hunters using shotguns, including turkey hunters, are required to use and possess only nontoxic shot when hunting in waterfowl production areas and national wildlife refuges.

Required for hunts in Minnesota State Parks and parks-managed lands

  1. While participating in a special or disease management hunt in a State Park or on parks-managed lands, individuals may possess only nontoxic ammunition on their person while taking, or attempting to take, wild animals.
  2. When hunting in a special youth hunt in the shotgun-only use area of Minnesota, hunters must choose an option:
    1. Use nontoxic ammunition; or
    2. Remove all parts of harvested deer, including the entrails.

Required in Minnesota Scientific Natural Areas

  • Nontoxic ammunition is required on all Scientific and Natural Areas open to hunting with firearms, excluding some peatland SNAs. Nontoxic ammunition helps protect both hunters and wildlife from lead poisoning.

Additional information for State Parks and SNAs

  • Hunters must submit to firearm inspection when requested in the field.
  • Hunters with a valid permit to carry may possess a handgun and ammunition which is not nontoxic but may not use that ammunition to take wild game.

Where can I find nontoxic ammunition?

Although it may be difficult to find, you can check local retailers. Also search for your caliber on Ammoseek, a helpful online site for locating all types of ammunition.

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