Off-highway vehicles and rider safety

Take an ATV safety course » (Required for ATV riders born after 7/1/1987) 

Take an OHM safety course » (Required for OHM riders under the age of 16)

Take an ORV safety course » 

Regulations booklet » 

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Safe riding tips

  • Read the owner's manual and know your vehicle.
  • Check your vehicle before you ride.
  • Don't lend your vehicle to unskilled riders.
  • Wear appropriate protective equipment and clothing.
  • Lend your vehicle to skilled riders only.
  • Always supervise young or inexperienced riders.
  • Never carry a passenger on vehicles intended for one person.
  • Ride straight-no alcohol or drugs.
  • Let trail conditions determine safe speeds.
  • Stay to the right on trails.
  • Stay away from open water, thin ice and wetlands.
  • Know the weather forecast.
  • Use your headlight and make sure your taillight is working.
  • Maintain safe distances when riding with others.
  • Reduce your speed when riding at night.
  • Always yield to other motor vehicles and trail users.
  • Young or beginning riders should take an all-terrain vehicle or off-highway motorcycle safety training course offered by the DNR.

conservation officer logoA Message from DNR Conservation Officers

Despite manufacturer's warnings and restrictive laws, children continue to sustain severe injuries operating all-terrain vehicles. We believe that most ATV owners do not fully understand the uniqueness of ATV design and the potential risk of injury to children.

Read the ATV safety section in the regulations booklet, and talk to your children about the dangers and risks associated with riding an ATV. Taking these steps could prevent serious injury or death.

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