A-Z listing of off-highway vehicle trails

Download the 2023-2025 OHV trail atlas for more information on riding opportunities within Minnesota.

Trail nameMilesATV 1/2OHMORVWinterCountyMap
Agassiz Recreational Trail5252   Normanmap
Alborn to Hibbing Trail181818  St. Louismap
Alborn-Pengilly Railroad Trail3939   Itascamap
Alger Grade OHM Trail13 13  Lakemap
Alvwood–Squaw Lake Trail159159159 159Itascamap
Appleton Area Recreational Park2012131120Swiftmap
Axtell Technical Riding Area1.51.5   Aitkinmap
Balsam Trail5.55.55.5  Itascamap
Bemis Hill Trails9696968796Roseaumap
Bigfork and Balsam Connection323232  Itascamap
Blind Lake Connector and Loop333333  Aitkinmap
Blue Ox Trail747474  Koochichingmap
Chatfield Trail1919   Fillmoremap
Chengwatana State Forest Trails151512 15Pinemap
Chisholm Trail161616 16St. Louismap
Consolidated Conservation (Con-Con) Trails939393  Bertrami
Crow Wing Southern Loop Trail060   Crow Wingmap
Dailey Pits Trails8 8  Mille Lacsmap
David Dill - Taconite State Trail (Ely to Purvis Area)111111  St. Louismap
East Range Multi-Use Trail222222 22St. Louismap
Emily - Blind Lake Trail161616  Aitkin
Crow Wing
Emily-Outing Trail5656   Cassmap
FireFrost Trail2525   Normanmap
Fond du Lac State Forest Trails373737 27Carltonmap
Forest Riders Trail122122   Hubbardmap
Fort Ripley Trail and Ripley Connection31319  Crow Wingmap
Fourtown-Grygla171171124217 Beltramimap
Foxy Loop33   Mille Lacsmap
Gandy Dancer Trail3030303030Pinemap
General C.C. Andrews State Forest Trails242424 18Pinemap
Genoa Trail333 3St. Louismap
Goodland Trail191919  Itascamap
Grant County Youth Trail2.62.6   Grantmap
Great Northern Connection Veterans Memorial2626   Roseaumap
Hill City Trail161616  Aitkinmap
Hovland Woods Trail1616   Cookmap
Huntersville Trail73573 73Wadenamap
Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle 
State Recreation Area (Gilbert)
3620262420St. Louismap
Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle 
State Recreation Area Expansion Area
13   13St. Louismap
Jackpot Trail303030  St. Louismap
Kelliher ATV Trail9898   Beltramimap
Lawler Loops161616  Aitkinmap
Len Hardy Trail99   Itasca
Little Moose Trail181818  Itascamap
Martineau Recreational Trails97 97  Hubbardmap
Matthew Lourey State Trail OHV534242 50Pinemap
Meeker County OHV Park535  Meekermap
Mesabi Mountain Trail4  44St. Louismap
Mille Lacs ORV Park5  5 Mille Lacsmap
Miller-Black Bear Trail191919  Crow Wingmap
Miller Hills Trail14 14  Crow Wingmap
Mississippi River Northwoods Trail111111  Crow Wingmap
Moose River Connector777  Aitkinmap
Moose River Trail2929  29Cassmap
Moose Run Trail1212   Lakemap
Moose Walk Trail2222   Lakemap
Nemadji State Forest OHV Trails1001001001031Pinemap
Old Greenwood Trail3030   Cookmap
Pine Center Trails232323  Crow Wingmap
Prospectors Trail16716315096 Lake
St. Louis
West map
East map
Rabey Line Trail191919  Aitkinmap
Rat Lake - Big Sandy Connector121212  Aitkinmap
Red Dot Trail3030   Lakemap
Red Top Trail222222  Aitkinmap
Rice Lake Pancore Loop1313   Cookmap
Round River Drive Trail11311335  Hubbardmap
Saginaw Grade/Lumberjack Multi-use Trail101010 10Carltonmap
Schoolcraft Trail292929  Hubbardmap
Shady Oaks Native Prairie Adventure Trails55   Lyonmap
Smoky Hills ATV Trail2020   Beckermap
Snake Creek Trail131313  Wabashamap
Solana Loop151515  Aitkinmap
Soo Line North Trail: Aitkin County484848  Aitkinmap
Soo Line North Trail: Carlton County151515 15Carltonmap
Soo Line North Trail: Cass County5252   Cassmap
Soo Line South Trail: Aitkin County232323  Aitkinmap
Soo Line South Trail: Carlton County292929 29Carltonmap
Soo Line South Trail: Mille Lacs County232323  Mille Lacsmap
Soo Line South Trail: Morrison County272727  Morrisonmap
Soo Line South Trail: Pine County1414   Pinemap
Soo Pits Trail555  Carltonmap
Southeast Minnesota Trail1313   Winonamap
Spider Lake Trails2926261220Cassmap
St. Croix State Forest Trails262626726Pinemap
Stony Spur II Trail303030  St. Louismap
Straight Arrows Trail492049 20Pinemap
Taconite State Trail - Big Aspen Connection181818  St. Louismap
Thistledew Trails2525   Itascamap
Timber Frear Loop2020   Cookmap
Timber Trails114114   Beltramimap
Trout Valley Trail999  Winonamap
Turkey Time Trail16161610 St. Louismap
UPM Blandin Trail212121  Itascamap
Voyageur Country ATV Trail363636  Lakemap
Warroad/Roseau Trails8989858289Roseaumap
Warroad Wilderness Way2626   Roseaumap
Wild Country Trail303013  Lakemap
Wilton Trails Northwest373737  Beltramimap

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