Lawn Care Facts

worker with mask poring chemical into sprayer

Today, we show our love for lawns by giving money and time*:

  • We spend more than $5 billion each year on fossil fuel-derived fertilizers for U.S. lawns.
  • 30-60% of our urban fresh water is used for watering lawns.
  • We pay out over $700 million for 67 million pounds of pesticides to pour on our lawns.
  • We have converted 20 million acres to residential lawns.

*U.S. Lawn Care Facts as Annual Totals & Percentages from Redesigning the American Lawn by F. Herbert Bormann, Diana Balmori, Gordon T. Begalle, Yale University Press, 1993


lawn care company spaying lawnbottles, boxes, cans and tins of lawn chemicals


Time to Alter an Aesthetic

For lakeshore owners who looked forward to making the most of their time at the lake, every moment spent in lawn maintenance is time away from the lake. Unfortunately, those moments easily mount up to several hours a week in many cases.

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