Lake Minne Belle: Plant List, Site Preparation and Seeding

Plant List

headphone icon, Tom Hess closeup Tom Hess describes the plant selection criteria.

The Hess' contracted with a reputable landscape company. They put together a list comprised of plants native to the Lake Minnie Belle area and to the region.

Find out what Tom and Jeanine had in mind regarding plant selection.

Site Preparation

site with lawn killed by herbicide

The design map reflected the changes Tom and Jeanine had in mind.

In the first stage, a commercial herbicide killed off the turf grass. The grass was raked (and raked and raked!) into piles and removed from the site to allow the new seed to establish.


site seeded

Seed was broadcast by hand and then mechanically raked into the soil. Depending on the type of plants, it may take one to three years to see the showy blooms. Tom says this needs to be understood when you commit to the project.

In addition to the extensive prairie seeding, this project also included planting live shrubs, cedar trees, and aquatic plants.

headphone icon, Tom Hess closeup Tom Hess describes time and seeding approach.


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