SNA Site Steward Training and Resource Materials

SNA Site Stewards: To encourage safe and healthy work environments and practices please complete the required training modules. Use the training record (link below) to report to your local SNA representative when complete. Highly recommended and supplemental training is optional and may be taken at your own pace to further enhance understanding. Training options for specific equipment or site management are available. Contact your local SNA representative for more information.

Required Training Modules

* These modules have supplemental notes associated with some pages. Rollover the small icon on those pages to learn more.

Highly Recommended Training Modules

Supplemental Training Modules

  • First Aid: Please work with your local SNA representative to determine if you need this training based on your stewardship activities. If needed you will be asked to attend first aid classes offered in your area (hospitals, community education, and the Red Cross may be good options). You can be reimbursed for the cost of this training. You may also want to take a look at these mobile apps offered by the American Red Cross.

Site Steward Training Record

Plant ID for Invasive and Rare Species (Highly Recommended)

Native Plant Community and Plant Resources

Rare and Special Concern Species Resources

Minnesota Biological Survey

Nongame Wildlife

Safety Topics



  • Observation & Time Reporting  
    This form can be filled out online and emailed or printed and mailed to your SNA representative.

  • Volunteer Project or Event Registration  
    The top portion of this form can be filled out online. Then print the form for volunteers to sign at a project or event. Mail it to your SNA representative after the project or event is completed.


Email us, or call 651-259-5070.

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