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Anglers who fish in Douglas, Grant, Pope, Stevens and portions of Todd county benefit from the fisheries management, habitat protection, and resource allocation oversight work of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' Glenwood area fisheries staff.

Six full-time employees manage 82 fishing lakes and 180 miles of rivers and streams. These waters include popular fishing destinations such as the Alexandria Chain, Osakis, Miltona and Minnewaska and muskellunge waters that include Lobster, Miltona and Oscar lakes.

License Dollars At Work logo and link to pageThree fisheries research biologists, an aquatic plant management specialist, and shoreland habitat specialist also operate out of the Glenwood Area Office. These Department professionals are engaged in regional and statewide ecological investigations, permit administration, and habitat restoration or enhancement activities geared to advance knowledge of and support successful management of fish resources and protect important fisheries habitat across Minnesota.

What we do
Glenwood area fisheries staff conduct shoreline seining to support the MPCA's watershed restoration and protection strategy diagnostic studies.

Glenwood area fisheries staff conduct shoreline seining to support the MPCA's watershed restoration and protection strategy diagnostic studies.

  • Support spring walleye egg take operations around the state, incubate 70 to 110 million walleye eggs at the Glenwood hatchery, and distribute newly hatched walleye fry for area and statewide stocking.
  • Secure access to 3,000 acres of walleye fingerling rearing ponds, stock walleye fry, and harvest at least 10,000 pounds of walleye fingerlings for area and statewide fingerling stocking.
  • Complete 12-15 standard fish surveys and an additional 20 or more targeted surveys each year to determine status of fish populations, assess effectiveness of management actions such as stocking or harvest regulation, or gain needed information.
  • Support the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in completion of watershed health assessments, diagnostic studies, and fish contaminant monitoring.
  • Manage 40 Aquatic Management Areas or the equivalent of 500 acres of shoreline to preserve unique or valued fish and wildlife habitat.
  • Administer aquaculture and commercial fishing licensing oversight and support 20 licensed fish growers and bait dealers in gamefish and bait production and distribution.
  • Coordinate with county soil and water conservation districts, county land use managers, and other local, state and federal resource managers to share information, provide technical guidance, integrate programs and resources, and endeavor to influence land use decisions to address water quality degradation and sustain healthy lakes and fish communities.
  • Host school tours during seasonal hatchery operations and support teachers and outdoor educators in environmental education.
  • Engage with lake associations and outdoor recreation groups, such as sportsmen’s clubs to provide updated information, hear concerns and gain feedback on fish management programming, and develop cooperative partnerships to advance effective fish management projects.
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Area staff


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VacantArea supervisor  
Sue MulvilleOffice administrative assistant320-634-7322[email protected]
Bill McKibbinAssistant area supervisor320-634-7324[email protected]
Lindy EkolaHabitat specialist320-634-7332[email protected]
Jerry WendlandtAquatic plant management specialist320-634-7333[email protected]
Storm KettelhutFisheries technician320-634-7331[email protected]
Mike McInernyResearch biologist320-634-7329[email protected]
Jeff ReedResearch biologist320-634-7330[email protected]
Nick RydellFisheries specialist320-634-7327[email protected]
Chris SmithFisheries specialist320-634-7326[email protected]
Casey SchoenebeckSentinal lakes program coordinator320-634-7328[email protected]
Chris UphoffFisheries specialist320-634-7325[email protected]