Ice Ridges


ice ridge

Over time, ice can create a ridge of land by expanding and pushing against the shoreline.

Some property owners mistakenly try and remove these ridges, not realizing the role ice ridges can play in the health of the lake. Ice ridges should not be removed. Leave them in place and plant around and on them. The advantage of using vegetation as opposed to riprap or retaining walls on these sites is that vegetation is generally self-repairing. Ice can move rocks and timbers and require repair. Vegetation may be affected, but will usually grow and fill in any damaged areas.

Ice ridges can limit the damage to water quality by acting as a filter for runoff from the yard. Because vegetation often grows on the ice ridges, these strips of land also serve as a barrier, limiting the damage from shoreline erosion.

ice ridge

List of species better adapted to ice ridges

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