Sugar Lake: Site Planning and Plant List

Site Planning

Steetar property showing mowed lawn sloping down to Sugar Lake

Leilani Kostreba Peterson, a natural resource professional, was the Project Manager and worked with the Streetars to develop a strategy. A base map was created for the Streetars as a reference for the project.

The base map provided original dimensions and indicated the location of existing trees, beach area, storage areas, and other features of the property. Sharon discusses this process.

headphone icon, Sharon Streetar closeup Sharon Streetar starts planning.


The design map reflected the changes that were planned. The Streetars substantially reduced their turf lawn while adding new trees, shrubs, native grasses, wildflowers, and aquatic plants to their property.


view of Streetar home from their dock

headphone icon, Leilani Kostreba Peterson closeup Leilani Kostreba Peterson talks about design.


Plant List


It was important to create a Plant List using plants native to Sugar Lake and to the region.