Wildlife research publications

Wildlife research publications

Each of the research summaries listed in the topics below may contain interim results of wildlife research projects. Some of the data and interpretations may change as a result of additional findings or future, more comprehensive analysis of the data. Contact the author(s) of each study to obtain permission to use data from these summaries.

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Furbearers (bears, wolves, fisher, marten)

Ecology and Population Dynamics of Black Bears in Minnesota
David L. Garshelis, Andrew Tri, Spencer J. Rettler, and Brian J. Dirks

Evaluation of Design and Analysis of a Camera-Based Multi-Species Occupancy Survey of Carnivores in Minnesota
Fabiola Iannarilli, John Erb, Todd Arnold, and John Fieberg

Reduced Natural Foods Alter Bottom-Up Pressures on American Black Bears
Spencer J. Rettler, David L. Garshelis, Andrew Tri, Véronique St-Louis, and James Forester

Using LIDAR Data to Quantify Forest Structural Habitat Variables Important to Fishers and Martens
Michael Joyce, John Erb, Barry Sampson, and Ron Moen

Habitats (wetlands, grasslands)

Evaluating Insecticide Exposure Risk for Grassland Wildlife on Public Lands
Katelin Goebel and Nicole M. Davros

Neonicotinoids on the Landscape: Evaluating Avian Exposure to Treated Seeds in Agricultural Landscapes
Charlotte Roy, Da Chen, Julia Ponder, Mark Jankowski, and Pam Coy

Human dimensions (social science)

The 2016 Ruffed Grouse Hunting Season in Minnesota
Susan A. Schroeder

The 2017 Waterfowl Hunting Season in Minnesota: A Study of Hunters’ Opinions and Activities
Susan A. Schroeder and Steven D. Cordts

Ungulates (deer, moose, elk)

Behavioral Responses of Female Elk to Hunting in Northwestern Minnesota
Ryan G. Tebo, Gino J. D’Angelo, and Louis Cornicelli

Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance in Minnesota’s Wild Deer Herd
Erik Hildebrand, Michelle Carstensen, Chris Jennelle, Margaret Dexter, Lou Cornicelli, Patrick Hagen, and Kelsie LaSharr

Establishing the Feasibility of Making Fine-Scale Measurements of Habitat Use by White-Tailed Deer in Northern Minnesota, Winter 2017–2018
Bradley D. Smith, Glenn D. DelGiudice, and William J. Severud

Winter Survival and Cause-specific Mortality of White-tailed Deer in Northern Minnesota: Updating with GPS Collars
Glenn D. DelGiudice, Bradley D. Smith, and William J. Severud

Investigation of Movement Dynamics of Wild Deer in Southeastern Minnesota to Understand Potential Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease
Chris Jennelle, Andrew Norton, Ryan Tebo, Michelle Carstensen, Erik Hildebrand, Lou Cornicelli, Kelsie LaSharr, Tyler Obermoller, Patrick Hagen, and Margaret Dexter

Winter Nutritional Restriction and Decline of Moose in Northeastern Minnesota, Winters 2013–2018
Glenn D. DelGiudice, William J. Severud, Tyler R. Obermoller, and Bradley D. Smith

Causes of Non-Hunting Mortality of Adult Moose in Minnesota, 2013–2017
Michelle Carstensen, Erik C. Hildebrand, Dawn Plattner, Margaret Dexter, Arno Wünschmann, and Anibal Armien

Abstract: Emergence of the Arterial Worm Elaeophora Schneideri in Moose (Alces Alces) and Tabanid Fly Vectors in Northeastern Minnesota, USA
Caroline M. Grunenwald, Erika Butler, Arno Wünschmann, Anibal G. Armien, Michelle Carstensen, Erik Hildebrand, Roger D. Moon, Mabre D. Brand, Richard W. Gerhold

Abstract: Applying a Bayesian Weighted Surveillance Approach to Detect Chronic Wasting Disease in White-Tailed Deer
Christopher S. Jennelle, Daniel P. Walsh, Erik E. Osnas, Michael D. Samuel, Robert Rolley, Julia Langenberg, Jenny Powers, Ryan J. Monello, E. David Demarest, Rolf Gubler, Dennis M. Heisey

Abstract: Calibration of a Rumen Bolus to Measure Continuous Internal Body Temperature in Moose
Andrew Herberg, Veronique St.-Louis, Michelle Carstensen, James Forester, John Fieberg, Dan Thompson, and John Crouse

Abstract: Chronic Wasting Disease Detection and Mortality Sources in a Semi-Protected Deer Population
Krysten Schuler, Jonathan Jenks, Robert Klaver, Christopher S. Jennelle, Terry Bowyer

Abstract: A Technique for Deployment of Rumen Bolus Transmitters in Free-Ranging Moose (Alces Alces)
Larissa Minicucci, Michelle Carstensen, John Crouse, Jon M. Arnemo, Aliva Evans

Abstract: Expanding GIS Analyses to Monitor and Assess North American Moose Distribution and Density
William F. Jensen, Jason R. Smith, Michelle Carstensen, Colin E. Penner, Brian M. Hosek, and James J. Maskey, Jr.

Upland game (grouse, pheasants, woodcock)

Sharp-Tailed Grouse Response to Fall Prescribed Fire and Mowing
Charlotte Roy and Lindsey Shartell

Survival, Nest Success and Habitat Selection of Sharp-tailed Grouse in East-Central Minnesota – Final Project Report
Lindsey M. Shartell

The 2016 Ruffed Grouse Hunting Season in Minnesota
Susan A. Schroeder

Use of Managed Forest Wildlife Openings by American Woodcock
Lindsey Shartell

Assessing the Contribution of Harvest Mortality to Overall Mortality Rates of Gray and Fox Squirrels on Public Lands in Minnesota
Ryan G. Tebo and Andrew S. Norton

Nesting and Brood-Rearing Habitat Selection and Survival Rates of Ring-Necked Pheasants in Prairie Reconstructions in Southwest Minnesota
Nicole M. Davros and Lindsey N. Messinger

Abstract: The Relationship Between Grasslands, Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Enrollments and Greater Prairie Chicken (Tympanuchus Cupido Pinnatus) Populations in Minnesota
Kalysta Adkin, Charlotte Roy, and Robert Wright

Waterfowl (ducks, geese)

The 2017 Waterfowl Hunting Season in Minnesota: a Study of Hunters’ Opinions and Activities
Susan A. Schroeder and Steven D. Cordts

Developing Methodologies for Predicting the Locations of Wood Duck Breeding Habitat Components in Minnesota
James B. Berdeen, Edmund Zlonis, Jennifer Corcoran, Ram Deo, and Mark D. Nelson

Fall Movements of Mallards Marked in Minnesota
Bruce E. Davis

Surveillance for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Minnesota’s Wild Birds in 2017-18
Chris Jennelle, Tim White, Kelsie LaSharr, Patrick Hagen, Erik Hildebrand, Tom Cooper, and Michelle Carstensen

Abstract: Avian Iinfluenza Pprevalence and Viral Shedding Routes in Minnesota Ring-Billed Gulls (Larus Delawarensis)
Todd Froberg, Francesca Cuthbert, Chris Jennelle, Carol Cardona, Marie Culhane


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