Moose mortality research

Moose cow leading calf in winter near Grand Marias, Minn.

Iconic preservation

Accurately documenting what's killing Minnesota moose may help researchers find ways to slow the continuing population decline of this iconic, awe-inspiring inhabitant of Minnesota's northwoods.

A cow and calf moose spotted during a fly over

No better, no worse

The 2018 moose population survey suggests the number of animals in northeastern Minnesota may have stabilized at about 3,000.
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A cow moose

Managing Minnesota moose

The moose management plan outlines how DNR will approach management of the state's declining moose population.
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A collared, days-old moose calf

More calves survive

More moose calves survived beyond one year in 2015 but the increase may not reflect a trend.
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Researcher collecting a moose urine sample

Winter's impact on nutrition

Snow urine samples provide researchers with insight into wintertime moose nutrition and health.
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Map of moose mortality project area

A window in the woods

Follow along as researchers collar moose and track movements to learn why, where and how they died.
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