Moose management

Moose cow leading calf in winter near Grand Marias, Minn.

Population stability continues

For the 11th year in a row, Minnesota's moose population of 3,440-6,780 animals remains stable. Although there is no statistically significant change in the estimated population relative to the last population survey, this year’s estimated number of moose is the highest since 2011, when the population was midway through a steep decline.


A cow and calf moose spotted during a fly over

Population stability brings optimism

Northeastern Minnesota's moose population remains stable for the 11th consecutive year.
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A collared, days-old moose calf

Moose study findings

DNR's multi-faceted studies provided important information to help DNR make ongoing management decisions.
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A cow moose

Managing Minnesota moose

The moose management plan outlines how DNR will approach management of the state's declining moose population.
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