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Three deer standing alert in the woods

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Deer herd in snowy field.

Deer advisory committee

The deer advisory committee, created as part of the DNR's Minnesota White-tailed Deer Management Plan, provides input on deer management issues.
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A whitetail buck along a very colorful tree line at sunrise on a late Autumn morning.

Chronic wasting disease

The fatal neurological disease has been found in Minnesota's wild white-tailed deer. The DNR is working to limit its spread and you can help.
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collaring a deer, helIcopter in background

Studying deer movement

A DNR study is gathering data on deer movement in southeastern Minnesota. Now in its second year, scientists are tracking 85 deer using GPS collars.
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Red strike through over image of three deer eating corn from a hole in the snow.

Salt, mineral licks banned

Starting Sept. 1, feeding and attractant bans expanded to include additional counties in north central and southeast Minnesota. A feeding ban is in place in certain central-area counties, as well.
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Harvested deer tied on a sled for transport

No whole carcasses

It is illegal to import whole deer, elk, moose and caribou carcasses into Minnesota. This prohibition applies to all U.S. states, Canadian provinces, or other areas.
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