Deer open houses

Talk with us about deer Aug. 25

Reach out by email, phone or in person to local wildlife managers to discuss deer-related topics over the phone or in local area offices on Thursday, Aug. 25, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

People are welcome to discuss general concerns about deer or upcoming hunting season changes; provide topics that the DNR’s deer advisory committee should be aware of; and learn about other engagement opportunities. Use the wildlife area office contact information on this page to contact area managers and find area wildlife office locations.

As part of its statewide deer management plan, the DNR began local, open house meetings as a way to encourage conversations about deer and deer management, enhance local relationships and foster two-way communication between the DNR and the public.

Given generally low in-person meeting turnout, the DNR is encouraging contact by phone or email. We'll actively seek input twice each year on topics including general concerns about deer, harvest data, topics for the DNR’s deer advisory committee to discuss and upcoming hunting season changes. If our targeted times don't work for you, you can reach out to an area wildlife manager at any time.

Contact information along with summaries from past meetings, including the number of attendees and a brief description of topics addressed, are listed below.

Office contact information

Want to talk about a specific deer permit area? Check out the deer permit area map to locate yours.

Acronyms referenced: CWD (chronic wasting disease) • DPA (deer permit area) • WMA (wildlife management area) • WSI (winter severity index).