Updating Minnesota's wolf plan

A greay wolfThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is updating the state’s wolf management plan and is looking to the public for input.

To that end, the agency has selected members for a new wolf plan advisory committee to help inform the update to the management plan. The committee is one of several ways the DNR will engage with the public on the plan.

In addition to the advisory committee, the DNR will gather public input through:

  • A public perception survey;
  • A public comment period; and
  • Open houses at area wildlife offices.

The DNR believes it is critical to have all voices about wolves at the table during this process. With the public’s input, DNR can effectively evaluate how the wolf management plan is working and identify what may need to be improved.

a wolf with snow falling around it

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Wolf plan advisory committee

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More information

Adopted in 2001, the state’s wolf management plan provides the framework that guides the state’s decisions about wolf regulations, population monitoring, management, conflicts, enforcement, damage control, education, research and other issues. The update of the plan is being done independently of any federal action on the status of wolves under the Endangered Species Act.

Questions about the wolf management plan update or the advisory committee should be directed to the DNR's large carnivore specialist, Dan Stark