Gervais Lake: Site Planning and Plant List

Site Planning

picnic table near the shore

A base map was drawn that identified locations of existing structures, vegetation, beach areas, and other property features.

In addition to restoring the shoreline, Bill Bartodziej says it is important to remember how you want to use the shoreline.


headphone icon, Arnie Linder closeup Arnie Linder talks about the importance of the design stage.

The Drakes and Linders wanted to keep some things intact, such as the fire pit, picnic table, and a small beach area for swimming and pulling boats up.

Arnie Linder talks about the design from the point of view of the property owner. The design map reflected the changes that were planned:

  • Decrease turf lawn and beach areas
  • Add bushes and wildflowers to upland grass areas
  • Approximately 4000 sq. ft dedicated to new plantings
  • Add aquatic plantings

Plant List

Developing a Plant List was an important step in the early stage of the project. The list was based on plants native to Gervais Lake and to the region. It includes these species from the Native Plant Encyclopedia.


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