Gervais Lake: Changes Over Time and Lessons Learned

Gervais Lake project site prior to restoration

Changes Over Time

Changes at Gervais Lake were dramatic - and began soon after the project was launched.30


When homeowners plan changes to their property, they have a reasonable concern regarding costs and time. Lakeshore property owners are no different. It is important to do the research at the beginning of a project so that the level of commitment that will be needed is clearly understood.

Gervais Lake project site prior to restoration

For the Gervais Lake project, approximately $6,000.00 was spent on plants and mulch. (This figure is an estimate based on market value costs in 1998).

Labor costs included 40 hours for site preparation and 120 hours for planting.


headphone icon, Arnie Linder closeup Listen to Arnie Linder discuss the project's progression.


For this demonstration project, volunteers gathered seeds and raised plants through the winter at the University of Minnesota.

Steps & Techniques provides useful information for developing a timeline for your own project.

Lessons Learned

workers planting restoration

Shore Lore is an opportunity to share experiences.

As a natural resource professional, Bill Bartodziej considers projects in terms of their implications for the future. He advises owners to use bounce-tolerant plants on water bodies with significant water level fluctuation.

Listen to Arnie discuss what he learned from his restoration project.

headphone icon, Bill Bartodziejcloseup Bill Bartodziej: the importance of planting bounce-tolerant plants.

headphone icon, Arnie Linder closeup Arnie Linder discusses lessons learned.


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