Gervais Lake: Site Preparation and Planting

lawn killed with herbicideA commercial herbicide successfully killed off the turf grass. According to Arnie Linder, accepting the concept was a little more difficult.

During the upland planting process, erosion control fabric was used to protect against soil erosion. Plywood wave breaks protected vegetation from wave action.

headphone icon, Arnie Linder closeup Arnie Linder talks about the death of the lawn.

straight wave break Straight wave breaks served as a buffer to shield the meadow shoreline plantings from wave action.

"V"-shaped wave breaks protected emergent vegetation in the water. Between the wave breaks, erosion control fabric and wood stakes stabilized clumps of bulrush. Cattail mats were tied to the front of the straight wave breaks and held in place by 5-foot wood stakes.

 v-shaped wave breakPlants of the same species were grouped together with a spacing of eighteen inches between plants.

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