Big Bog State Recreation Area Web Cam


About the view

This webcam gives you a live view of Upper Red Lake from the top of the 100-foot high fire tower located in the South Unit of Big Bog State Recreation Area. Red Lake is the largest freshwater lake fully contained within the boundaries of a single state in the entire United States, and is known for its Red Lake walleye and trophy Northern pike.

Waskish was one of the first district ranger locations developed in the 1920s. This site was chosen because of its accessibility to a state highway, its elevated land and its unrestricted view in all directions.

Built in 1937, this fire tower was originally located at the Pine Island forestry station in Koochiching County, and was built to be identical to a previous tower located on the same site.

Many things have changed over the last 100 years, but not the view from the top of the tower! It still offers an amazing, unrestricted view of Upper Red Lake and a portion of the 500-square mile Big Bog.

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