Wildflower Ambassadors

Dwarf trout lily

It is thrilling to view an endangered species up close.


Visitors coming to view early spring wildflowers are anxious and excited for an opportunity to see and photograph blooming flowers. Yet, many visitors may not know where or how to observe wildflowers -- especially the endangered Minnesota dwarf trout lily -- safely and courteously. Park staff cannot always be present to provide directions and answer basic questions about wildflower viewing. Wildflower Ambassadors help establish a link between visitors and park staff.

Main duties of a Wildflower Ambassador volunteer:

  • Be a source of information about wildflower viewing.
  • Answer questions as you can, document the most frequent questions, and keep track of visitor contacts.
  • Help park visitors have an amazing experience!

Contact the park office at [email protected] to inquire about being a Wildflower Ambassador volunteer.

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