Window on Wildlife

Wintertime open water

Our Window on Wildlife (WOW) shows the outlet of Hubbel Pond, which is a water body that the Ottertail River flows through. Running water makes this one the last locations to freeze. Waterfowl, beaver, otters and eagles frequent the area.

Shorter daylight in winter results in our solar-powered camera running out of power each day. On most days, the camera is operational from about 9 a.m.-4 p.m. If the video display area is black, move the video's time slider to the left with your mouse to move backward in time to a period when the camera was active.

About this location

Hubbel Pond is managed primarily for waterfowl and other habitat that attracts water birds. It is loaded with wild rice, which the DNR also actively manages for due to its attractiveness to waterfowl.

The current dam is a variable crest water control structure and has been replaced a number of times during the last 150 years. This is the original site of the Hubbel Dam, which was used to float millions of board feet of pine logs down the Ottertail River during the 1870s-90s logging era.


Click the play button to watch a collection of action-filled clips from the Window On Wildlife webcam. Clips will play automatically. Clicking the YouTube playlist icon on the far right displays a list of available clips and allows you to select what to watch. There is no sound.

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