CWD deer permit area lookup

Know your deer permit area

To buy a deer hunting license, you must declare the deer permit area in which you expect to hunt. If you don't know your DPA number, use the interactive deer map.

Find your DPA

Use the show entries, search and sort features to locate and list the DPAs in which you hunt. Click the view link to see testing requirements.

DPACWD DesignationInformationRequirements
179ManagementReclassified. Now DPA 679View
261ManagementReclassified. Now DPA 661View
604Management View
605Management View
643Management View
645Management View
646Management View
647Management View
648Management View
649Management View
655Management View
661ManagementNew. Formerly DPA 261View
679ManagementNew. Formerly DPA 179View
255Control View
343Control View
344Control View
110Surveillance View
169SurveillanceOnly area west of Minnesota Highway 6 includedView
184Surveillance View
197Surveillance View
213Surveillance View
273Surveillance View
256Surveillance View
257Surveillance View
262Surveillance View
265Surveillance View
157SurveillanceOnly area east of Minnesota Highway 65 includedView
159Surveillance View
225SurveillanceOnly area east of Minnesota Highway 47 includedView

If your DPA is not listed, you are not hunting in a designated CWD zone and have no requirements to follow. Regardless of where you hunt, you can still have your deer tested for CWD.