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    How does killing deer help control CWD?

    Reducing the population helps minimize the spread of disease. Fewer deer means less deer-to-deer contact occurs, reducing the risk of sick deer transmitting CWD to healthy deer. All deer killed are not infected with CWD but when an infected deer is killed, it is removed from the population and can no longer spread the disease.

    Will any hunting or shooting of deer occur on private land?

    Landowners must grant permission for any hunting or shooting of deer to occur on their land. All hunters need landowner permission to hunt on any private land. DNR or its agents cannot enter private land without landowner permission.

    Can I get my deer tested for CWD?

    Yes. The University of Minnesota's Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory will perform a CWD test on a lymph node sample for a fee. A video showing how to collect the sample and contact information for the lab are available on the test results page.