Chronic wasting disease management

Every deer permit area affected by chronic wasting disease is designated a management, control or surveillance zone. Hunters must follow the CWD management measures in place for each type of zone.


CWD has been found in wild deer in these areas. Multiple management actions designed to help mitigate disease spread are in place. Management zones have the most restrictions.


This area borders a management zone where CWD in wild deer persists or a slight spread has been documented. This buffer helps prevent further disease spread. Control zones have fewer restrictions.


CWD has been found in captive deer or wild deer in a nearby area. Precautionary management actions in place here can detect an infection early. Surveillance zones have the least restrictions.

Are you hunting in a CWD zone?

Use the map below to find the DPA where you hunt. Clicking the map enlarges it.

Map of portion of Minnesota showing the fall 2021 CWD zones.

Review CWD information for your DPA

Click the button below that matches the color of the DPA where you hunt. DPAs not numbered are not impacted by CWD.

What is CWD?

Chronic wasting disease, commonly referred to as CWD, is a fatal neurological disease that affects cervids, including white-tailed deer. It is found globally and in about half of the states in the U.S. CWD remains relatively rare in Minnesota but is a concern as there is no known cure.

The DNR's management actions are in place to help limit its spread.

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