Share the harvest

Freezer packages of ground venison.Venison from deer that are taken during agency culling will be available through the DNR's harvest sharing partnerships. The DNR will test all agency culled deer for chronic wasting disease; only deer with a not-detected test result will be distributed. Deer will be cut into standard meat cuts (chops, steaks, roasts) or bagged trimmings and then boxed.

How to receive venison

Thanks for your interest in the Share the Harvest program but we are out of venison to distribute this year. Please check back next year.

All of the usable 441 deer from the 2021-2022 winter agency culling efforts were distributed to landowners and members of the public who signed up to receive venison.

About 350 people signed up in 2021-22. Overall, around 180 individuals received venison.