Share the harvest

Freezer packages of ground venison.People can receive venison through our harvest sharing partnerships in southeastern Minnesota. All deer taken during agency culling will be available for donation.

Only individuals who have been contacted will receive a deer. The DNR will test all agency culled deer for chronic wasting disease. Only deer with a not-detected test result will be distributed to people on the list.

Deer will be cut into standard meat cuts (chops, steaks, roasts) or ground into hamburger and then boxed. Recipients must pick up all deer at a specific location so plan accordingly based on the information received during your call.

How to receive venison

Anyone who previously signed up and did not yet receive venison will not lose their spot on the list. Please note: As of 1/17/2020, the list has 568 people.

As venison becomes available, likely starting in mid-to-late February, a Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA) or Bluffland Whitetails Association representative will reach out to people already on the list from last season.

Venison distribution report from the 2018-2019 season

  • 705 people signed up to receive venison.
  • 553 deer were given out throughout all efforts, including special and late hunts, and agency culling.
  • About 280 individuals received deer.