CWD information for vehicle-killed deer

The following information is for those who have received a car kill deer possession permit from the Department of Natural Resources. It provides details of the conditions of the permit relating to chronic wasting disease.

Condition No. 2: Determine if the deer is from a CWD zone

CWD testing of vehicle-killed deer ONLY affects the areas in orange, purple, red and yellow in the statewide map, detailed below. These are the CWD management and control zones. Deer outside of these areas may be moved freely and go untested.

Statewide map

Map of portion of Minnesota showing Fall 2019 CWD surveillance areas in north central, central and southeast Minnesota.

Interactive map

Southeast management zone

Map highlighting the DPAs included in the southeast CWD management zone: 655, 643, 347, 648, 645, 646, 649.

Southeast control zone

Map highlighting the DPAs included in the southeast CWD control zone: 255, 343, 344.

North-central management zone

Map highlighting the DPA included in the north-central CWD control zone: 604.

South metro management zone

Map highlighting the DPA included in the south metro management zone: 605.

Condition No. 3: Comply with the following 

A. Abide by carcass movement restrictions

Due to carcass movement restrictions in these CWD zones, only the following parts may leave the boundary before receiving a test result:

  • Quarters or other portions of meat with no part of the spinal column or head attached; the main leg bone can remain in each quarter
  • Meat that is boned out or that is cut and wrapped (either commercially or privately) 
  • Hides and teeth
  • Antlers or clean (no brain tissue attached) skull plates with antlers attached

Whole carcasses of all deer, including fawns, taken within a CWD management zone must remain within the zone until a “not detected” test is confirmed. Those taken in the CWD control zone must remain in either the control zone or the southeast CWD management zone.

B. Submit a voluntary sample for CWD testing

Example of red tag at self-service sampling station.You may provide the head of the deer with 4 inches of neck attached for sampling.

  • If the deer was hit between Sept. 19, 2020, and Dec. 31, 2020: Bring the head to any sampling location inside the CWD zones. At the sampling location, fill the provided red tag out completely, and make sure to write down that this is a vehicle killed deer and write the ICR number from your issued permit. This will allow you to search for your individual test result. 

    Sampling station location information can be found on this interactive map, on page 72-76 of the 2020 hunting regulations booklet, or on the following webpages:
  • If the deer was hit between Jan. 1, 2021, and Sept. 17, 2021: Make an appointment with a local DNR Wildlife office to get the deer sampled. These offices can be found on the DNR's office locator webpage. Please call the office ahead of time to make an appointment to ensure a DNR staff member is available to help.

The carcass cannot leave the zone until a test result is reported as “not detected” for CWD (see 3A, above). To check test results visit and type in your ICR number. If “not detected” is confirmed for your deer, you may move the whole carcass outside of the zone.  


Please email [email protected] or call 651-895-7434.