Late CWD hunts

Disease hunts are an important tool in disease management, helping limit the disease spread and showing where disease is more prevalent through CWD testing of harvested deer. Hunt areas for 2021 include deer permit areas from the CWD management zone. Full details will be posted closer to the hunt dates.

When & where


  • Friday, Dec. 17, through Sunday, Dec. 19, 2021
  • Friday, Dec. 31, through Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022
What you need

Valid license: Any unused archery, firearms, muzzleloader, or landowner license may be used. Weapons used must match the parent license. Only during this hunt, low-cost disease management permits may be purchased without first purchasing a parent license. Unfilled bonus permits or early antlerless permits may also be used. Hunters may participate in both of the hunts.

Bag limit: The bag limit is unlimited for both antlerless deer and antlered bucks. The statewide bag limits for antlerless deer and antlered bucks do not apply during these hunts. During these hunts only, disease management permits are valid for taking both antlered bucks and antlerless deer. Only antlerless deer may be tagged with bonus permits or early antlerless tags.

CWD sampling: CWD sampling is mandatory for any deer harvested during these hunts. Deer must be presented or provided for sampling at a sampling station no later than 24 hours after the hunt ends. This webpage will be updated with sampling station locations closer to the hunts. Carcass movement restrictions apply.

Public land access: In addition to wildlife management areas, some state parks, scientific and natural areas, and other public lands will be open to hunting. Those with limited permits will be available on a first-come, first serve basis from license vendors beginning Dec. 3. Permits will be available until the limit for the hunt is reached or until the Tuesday before the hunts begins (Dec. 14 or 28), whichever occurs first. There is a limit of one of these special permits per hunter. The permit is required in addition to a hunting license and is no cost. A state park pass is required for vehicles.