Log your deer and wildlife sightings

buck white-tailed deer looking over his shoulderWelcome to the online log for the DNR's deer hunter wildlife observation survey. This log allows you to share your daily observations of deer and help broaden our knowledge about other animals you see in the field. You also can report specific information about any deer harvested.

As log entries are compiled, we'll share the results annually and use them to compare what hunters see to population estimates that are the DNR's baseline for managing wildlife.

We encourage you to complete this log each day you're in the field hunting. The log is mobile device friendly. All you need is an internet connection.
Log an entry

Why report wildlife sightings?

The way the DNR estimates wildlife populations differs between deer and other species. The observation survey will serve as another check against any estimates – or in some cases like turkeys and fishers – provide further documentation as to whether a species is expanding its range.

This new effort expands on the survey available just to bow hunters that the DNR conducted for the past three years Now, the DNR is aiming to increase participation by allowing any deer hunter to voluntarily participate.

The DNR developed the bow hunter survey following a 2016 report from the Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor requesting more checks of the population model used to estimate deer populations for each deer permit area in the state. The observation surveys are a way to compare hunter-provided data with DNR population estimates.

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